Your Haven Counselling Eating Disorders Therapy
London N10, NW11 and W1W

Counselling and Therapy Sessions

I offer:

  • Individual sessions
  • In person sessions and online video-linked zoom sessions
  • Sessions of 50 minutes/therapeutic hour which at times may be extended depending on the work taking place
  • An initial assessment to discuss what has brought you to therapy, your goals and to assess whether we are happy to work together
  • Open-ended therapy or therapy with a planned ending
  • Sessions on a weekly basis, on the same day, at the same time
  • A contract which will guide the framework of our work together
  • Regular reviews to discuss the work so far and to re-assess the work to be done
  • Where possible adequate sessions will be allocated for a safe ending of the counselling 

Online Counselling Therapy

Several methods may be used such as text messages, emails, audio and video communication.

To protect the security of the sessions it is important to have a safe therapeutic space without intrusions and being overheard.
Firewall and virus protection needs to be in place.
Electronic intrusion by providers to some degree is unavoidable and needs to be reviewed and updated regularly.
Alternative methods will be arranged if the primary method of communication has technical problems.
The suitability of online counselling therapy will be taken into consideration.
As work is 'at a distance' emergency contact details need to be in place.

I abide by the principles and values of the BACP Ethical Framework and Good Practice guidelines.
My work is covered by Professional Liability Insurance.
The work is being undertaken in accordance with the laws of UK and any disputes which may arise will be subject to these UK laws.

Counselling Tools

Creative worksheets and tools such as drawing, collage work, etc. may be used to access material that may not be in your direct consciousness.
The use of these counselling worksheets and tools will aid free expression and the release of negative energy.

Children find this useful when they do not know how to put their thoughts and feelings into words and so communicate more comfortably through these symbolic means.


Counselling Sessions. Collage


Counselling Sessions. Painting



  • Assessment and Sessions  £90/ - £110/- each

  • Payment by BACS – prior to the commencement of each session or an upfront payment for the whole month at the beginning of each month
  • I am registered as a service provider for AVIVA.  Please check with them about your health insurance cover and kindly inform me prior to the start of therapy
  • Please give me 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a session as unfortunately without this I will have to charge you





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